To ensure you with a comprehensive service we began cooperation with mFinanse – one of the leading loan company offering help with receiving finances for a property.

mFinanse prepared an exceptional loan offer directed to Nova Atmosfera’s clients. Additonally, thanks to our cooperation with mFinanse, you will be able to check your loan eligibility and get information about the most benefitial offer for you.

Benefits of mFinanse offer:

  • possibility of receiving loan without any commission
  • comparison of various offers from other banks and possibility of choosing the best one
  • checking loan eligibility
  • possibility of receiving finances for finishing property
  • cash loan offer possible to use for any purpose.

Taking care of your comfort and time, you will be able to settle all the formalities associated with obtaining the loan during a visit at Nova Atmosfera’s office.

Contact advisors:

Piotr Spychalski


phone: 784 074 761

Krystian Przybylski


phone: 607 781 786